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Providing patients with quality care and utmost respect is the reason we’re in dentistry business. Our dedication to providing the highest quality of dental care and customer service is reflected in everything that Dr. Ngo, our dentist, and her staff achieve on a daily basis. Please don't hesitate to call our office to discuss your child's dental care, or fill out the form on the right to contact our experienced team of dental care providers in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and schedule a consultation or full appointment. We can help you develop and implement the right dental care plan for your child to see them through all stages of their oral development.

Our mission is to provide first-class, affordable dental care for kids in Arvada, Wheat Ridge, and Denver, Colorado, from infants to adolescents and into adulthood. We accomplish this by offering straightforward patient education and by having a strong connection to our community. Based in Wheat Ridge, CO, our office is easily accessible to the residents of Denver, Arvada, and other surrounding areas.

As a general practitioner, Dr. Ngo can perform a wide array of procedures for children, which include dental implants, bridges, fillings, periodontal treatment, and much more. If your child is experiencing pain in his/her mouth, don’t delay in contacting the closest dentist in Arvada and Wheat Ridge. And of course, we’re always ready for new patients, and we provide the highest level of care so that new patients become regular patients in no time. You and your kids will love our comfortable and children-friendly atmosphere, and we are confident that you will be more than happy to leave your child's dental care to the caring and talented Dr. Ngo and the rest of our wonderful office staff.

We accept most insurance plans, including Medicaid. Contact us soon so that we can help you and your children with all your pediatric dental care needs.

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Many pediatric dentists focus solely on young children or adolescents, but few of them are capable of treating kids of all ages. At Kid Focus Dentistry, we specialize in treating children of all ages, from one to 21.

Children's mouths go through many developmental stages as they grow, and each stage requires specialized dental care. We care for young children's teeth differently than we care for young teenagers' teeth, and treat toddlers’ teeth differently than maturing adolescents' teeth. Although children experience many stages of oral development and growth, we believe that they should have a consistent pediatric dentist they see to guide them through all of the developmental stages they experience as they grow two full sets of teeth. It's best to have the same person provide dental care for your children throughout their formative years. It gives them consistency and gives the dentist ample time to get to know your children's dental needs inside and out.

Our Approach to Dentistry for Children and Young Adults:

At Kid Focus Dentistry, we believe in the personal touch. No two children are quite alike, and each child has unique dental-care needs that we identify and provide, giving your child the best dental care available. Some of the reasons to consider bringing your children to Kid Focus Dentistry in Arvada, Wheat Ridge, and Denver, Colorado, include:


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Again, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our office. We love working with people of all backgrounds and look forward to getting to know all our patients and their families so that we can provide the best individualized dental care for your children. At Kid Focus Dentistry, providing the best pediatric dental treatment to children in the Denver area is our top priority, so entrust your children's all-important early dental care to us, and we'll make their oral health our focus.