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Did your child have an unfortunate accident in Arvada CO requiring the expertise of an emergency dentist for kids? Call (303) 543-8338!

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Emergency Dentist for Kids in Arvada COInjuries to baby teeth commonly occur before age three due to the continual development of your child's motor skills and coordination. If a young child is injured because of a fall on her teeth, or a baby tooth is knocked out, do not put it back in the socket. If the tooth is bent or pushed into the gums, call the dentist and bring her in for an emergency visit.

When you need a sensitive Emergency Dentist for kids in Arvada CO, Contact Kid Focus Dentistry at (303) 543-8338!

The dentist will ensure that the trauma to the baby teeth do not interfere with growing adult teeth underneath. If your child knocks out his permanent tooth, wash it and put it back in the socket. If this is done within 5 minutes, you may be able to save the tooth. Keep the tooth in place with gentle pressure, and go to the dentist office immediately.

Have an accident requiring an emergency Dentist? Call (303) 543-8338!

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