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Kids Dentistry in Arvada and Wheat Ridge, Colorado

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Kids in the Denver area smile bigger after visiting Kid Focus Dentistry.

When it comes to dental health, adults don’t require the same specialized care that children do. Young teeth move and shift throughout infancy, childhood and adolescence. From teething to the last wisdom tooth, good dental care early in life will bring your child a healthy smile and good habits.

The added responsibilities of caring for children’s teeth require pediatric dentists to undergo up to three years of specialized training in addition to their undergraduate and dental school degrees. They must know the proper care for each developmental stage, from teething infants and toddlers to adolescents and teenagers. Early exposure encourages better care and an independent attitude toward oral hygiene. Our pediatric dentists have undergone specialized training to perform treatments and care for children, adolescents and teenagers throughout Denver, Arvada and Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Early Dental Care for Young Children

On average, children enter the teething stage between six and 12 months old. For the next two years or so, their first set of teeth becomes visible. Baby teeth help develop your child’s jaw and make room for their adult teeth. Additionally, these teeth are vital for proper development, speaking and eating.

During the first few visits is the time to address any fear or anxiety your child has about going to the dentist, and it's important to go to a pediatric dentist who knows how to work with kids, put them at ease, and help them establish positive associations with dental visits so that they don't grow up to fear the dentist and neglect their oral health in later life.

Comprehensive Dentistry for Children, Teens & Young Adults

Dental growth is a gradual process throughout childhood, and these needs are addressed by professionals in both general dentistry, and by pediatric dental specialists. However, most dentist offices are marketed toward either adults or children exclusively. Even at some family dentistry offices, the environment and approach may not be child friendly. This may make it harder for young children to develop a positive attitude toward dental visits.

Similarly, some pediatric dentist offices may have a gap in addressing the dental needs of teenagers, who need treatments that are a mix of pediatric dentistry and adult dental care, such as root canals, implants, restoration, and cosmetic dentistry. The concept that we try to put into practice every day at Kid Focus Dentistry is to create an environment that bridges the best of both worlds through positive attitudes, effective oral hygiene instructions, and by providing comprehensive general dental care to all of our patients, from birth until they reach adulthood at age 20.

We approach pediatric dentistry in a way that makes kids of all ages feel comfortable. Through a positive environment, effective instruction and comprehensive general dental care, we ensure kids all over the Denver area get quality dental care into adulthood.

If you have any additional questions about our pediatric dentist or pediatric dentistry in general, please contact our office. We would love to discuss treatment options and help you set your child up with a healthy smile for life.

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